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WWIIHA's Battle of the Bulge event at Fort Indiantown Gap is one of the largest living history events on the east coast.  With over 1,200 reenactors attending annually, experience life in the WWII barracks and take part in 2 days of 'in the field' battles using the Fort Inidantown Gap training ranges.

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WWII Veterans

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We invite all WWII Veterans to join us as our special guests.  These ladies and gentlemen truly are the 'greatest generation'.  Through numerous special events across the weekend, our special guests will be recognised for the contributions they made.


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Public Information

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Members of the public are invited to join us Friday afternoon and all day Saturday to experience life during WWII.  From visits to the barracks to watching a small skirmish in the woods in Area 12, you will begin to gain an insight of what was like for our 'greatest generation'.


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