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Fellow Allied Historians,

 I bid a hearty welcome to everyone at this year's event, the 73rd Anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge. We come together this time each year to recognize and educate ourselves and the public about our forefather’s solemn sacrifices for our freedoms.


As we have been doing for the past two years, this event is invitation only. Units must be approved by me to register. We are vetting registrants through the registered unit leaders ONLY. We are not allowing registration outside of any of the approved units.  If individuals want to register and don’t have a unit, they must contact one of the invited units or email  We will attempt to connect them to a unit, and we will do our best to find those new to the hobby a unit to affiliate and attend with.  Keep in mind that we cannot make any promises for unit affiliation as it is up to the unit proper to accept new members.


WWIIHA will post a “Field Order” for the event on the website. Please review prior to arrival.


This event will have two days in the field – Friday and Saturday.  Please see our scenario page for a historic overview of the Rodt Engagements between 7th Armored and Panzergrenadier-Regiment Fuhrer-Begleit-Brigade.  Please review the PDF article and then look at the “general scenario graphics” for Friday and Saturday.  Your leaders will have more detail as we get closer to the event.


We are continuing our Umpire program and it is managed by John Tuohy.  He has an identified team, but is always seeking more umpires. Please let us know if you are interested in serving with the Umpires on one or both days (Friday and/or Saturday) by emailing  The umpire rules will be posted and they are based in the US Army’s 1942 and 1944 Umpire program with modifications to support the hobby.  Please be familiar with these rules.


Once you arrive on site and have registered at the WWIIHA Registration Building, the Allied Garrison Command Post (CP) staff will be your leaders and the public’s source of information for both general logistics (barracks locations, what unit is in what barracks, movement times, etc), informing and guiding the public during the day to living history activities (barracks displays, vendor locations and interactive historic activities) and for coordination and support for evening social functions and organizations.  The Allied Garrison CP will collect reports as outlined in the Event Field Order.


We have an important new requirement.  For the Thursday evening and Friday evening Allied Briefings, all Registered Unit leaders will attend with their assigned Team Leaders.  If a registered unit does not have its leader or an authorized representative present (that is reported ahead of time to Allied Leadership and approved), the unit will not deploy to the field the next day. During this meeting, all will be briefed on what is expected by me and my staff.  Once the administrative issues such as reporting, ammunition management, bus loading and such are completed, the Team leaders, Deputies and selected unit leaders identified by the Team Leaders will be briefed on the next day’s missions.


We will also have a morning formation prior to deployment to the field on Friday and Saturday mornings. Please watch for it on the schedule.  Attendance is mandatory for this formation if your unit will be deploying to the field.


Please keep in mind the important key points below.


Take care of the Area 13 Barracks and buildings. Do not put anything on the walls, no nails, no drawings, etc.  Protect the floors – don’t wear hobnailed boots or allow your foot lockers to scratch the floor.


Make sure you have positive control of your individual weapons. Ensure you turn in your blank ammunition at registration when returning from the field on Friday evening.


We ask that you take special care to be accurate in your uniformed impressions, military courtesy and behavior. We have historic guidance posted on the website in PDF format to help you be accurate. This file is a macro level compilation of Army guidelines and regulations from the WWII period. Wear your uniforms with pride as our forefathers did.  And for you officer’s, remember…no brass on your shirt collars if you are wearing Class A jackets (pinks & greens, etc). 


The leadership of Fort Indiantown Gap will likely authorize the consumption of alcohol within the garrison area.  This authorization is very significant privilege.  The WWIIHA leadership signed a document that outlines our requirements that permit alcohol consumption at Fort Indiantown Gap.  First, to enter any social venues, you must have either an Enlisted Pass or Officer’s club card (obtain at Allied HQ/MP desk).  Leaders must be proactive to prevent inappropriate consumption of alcohol.  DO NOT consume alcohol in unapproved areas (training areas, when in the presence of the public, when handling weapons, driving, etc.). If you are publicly drunk, you will be removed from the event and forbidden to return. Public drunkenness not only degrades our hobby in the eyes of the Army – our hosts – and the public as well, it is punishable by law.


In addition, the Allied and WWIIHA leadership will not tolerate rowdy or disruptive behavior, especially in the evening and early morning hours.  Individuals have been removed from the event in the past for this kind of poor behavior.  Please keep this in mind as you are celebrating good times with good friends.


There will be a planning meeting 28 October for WWIIHA senior leaders and Axis/Allied leaders. We will provide an update for all Allied participants at the close of that meeting via e-mail.


We are all looking forward to making this event the very best it can be – one for all participants, public and the Veterans to positively remember.


Joe Di Giovanni

Major General (Reenacted)

7th Armored Division