Reenactor Registration

73rd WWII - Battle of the Bulge Living History Week Commemoration

World War II Historical Association, Inc.
Fort Indiantown Gap, Annville, Pennsylvania
January 31st - February 4th 2018



Please join us in 2019 as we recognize the 74th Anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge

Remeber to register early (October - November)


The 2018 Battle of the Bulge Living History event is by invitation only.  You must belong to one of the authorized Living History Units located on the Registration page.  Each Unit leader will validate to WWIIHA that each person who has signed up with their unit is in fact acceptable to attend the event.  Check with your unit leader to ensure your name is on that list. Registrants that are unacceptable to the unit leader will be contacted by WWIIHA leadership for resolution. No walk on registration will be allowed.  If your unit is not listed, have your unit leader contact us at for further instructions on attendance.  If you are not a member of a listed unit or unable to register with a unit (i.e., new to the hobby) and desire to attend, contact us at and we will do our best to help you find a unit to affiliate with for attendance. We make no promises as this is up to each unit leader to accept responsibility for new attendees.


NO MAIL IN REGISTRATION - Online Registration and payment via PayPal or credit card only.

Identification: You must have Government Issued Photo ID & Event Registration Card on your person at ALL times.

Acceptable Examples of ID:
State Issued Driver License with Photo
Military Issued ID with Photo
Passport with Photo

Concealed Carry permit with photo

Non WWII and WWII Vehicles:

No Parking within 25m (81 ft) of ANY buildings.

Park only in designated areas

All Re-enactors MUST park in a POV Parking Lot.

No parking in the Veterans Parking Area.

Any vehicle found in violation will be towed immediately at the owner’s expense.  There will be no advance warnings.

There are three graveled parking lots in area 13 for cars and small trucks. NO trailers or Large trucks are permitted in these lots, nor are campers or trailers.  All trailers must be parked in Area 14. Most of the parking area in Area 14 has been graveled. There is considerable paved and graveled parking available in Area 14, to the west side of that lot, which almost never gets used. DO NOT block any of the new buildings in Area 14, or park inside the fenced-in areas.


Emergencies: In case of a family medical emergency, you may call the Fort Indiantown Gap Military Police Department at: 717-861-2727.

Conduct:  Unit leaders/representatives will be held responsible for the conduct of their registered participants, both male and female. NO drunkenness, rowdiness, or other inappropriate behavior will be tolerated. If a unit member is disorderly or out of line, we can and will exclude his or her entire unit from the event.


Pets:  NO PETS are allowed on the post.  Any violations found will incur immediate removal and exclusion from the event for both pet and owner(s).  NO EXCEPTIONS. Only Personal Medical Service Animals are permitted; must have proper medical identification and Service Animal health certificate available for inspection at all times.  At the time of registration, you will provide a copy of vaccination.  No animals will be allowed into the barracks at any time. This is for everyone’s safety.


Medics: Reenacting Medics are needed to volunteer for one or both of the following opportunities as First Responders.

Garrison Aid Station in Area 13 AND/OR Field First Aid Station:

If you plan on going into the field as a medic, please check “Medic” box along with your unit designation.Meetings will be mandatory in order to be a First Responder.



On line registration will be accepted until 8 December 2017

NO Mail in Registrations will be accepted. Any forms will be returned without response.

WWIIHA, Inc., reserves the right to refuse any registration submission. 


Questions: If you have any questions you can reach us at


Registration Verification: You will receive an email mid-December to verify we have your registration. If you do not receive this by 15, January 2018, please contact us via email at . The last day the staff will be available before the event is 22 JAN 2018.

Registration Options:

Option A: Living Historian.  The registration fee for this option is $65.00 per person.  This includes: Barracks Costs (opening/closing/cleaning, per capita fee, heating costs, security costs and Event Operations Costs (general operating expenses, printing and postage, vehicle gas, insurance, phone expenses).  The registration fee also includes membership to WWIIHA.

This includes admission to the dance and entertainment Saturday night at the community center, but does NOT include the Saturday night meal at the dinner dance.  This must be purchased seperately during the registration process.

Veterans Commemoration Reception: This will be a special reception for World War II Veterans at the Community Club on Friday. FREE to all World War II Veterans. $25.00 for all others. Please mark the Veterans Reception box on the Registration Form if you plan to attend.

Refunds:  You must  notify WWIIHA by January 8th 2018, by email or written letter, no phone calls, if you are unable to attend the event for a legitimate reason.  Email address is, Subject REFUND.

Arrival: You may arrive AFTER 1300 hours (1PM), Wednesday 31 January 2018.

Check in at the Registration Building. (See Map) Have your Photo ID Ready. Unloading in Barracks Area via POV Wednesday and Thursday: POV's will be allowed to drop off equipment.

Pickup and Drop Off Service: Thursday, Friday, and Saturday: After check in, immediately park in the POV parking lot located in Area 14.  A tractor with a wagon will be making rounds for you to load your equipment onto, and unload at your barracks assignment.  Tractor drivers are not permitted to help you load or unload any equipment.

Garrison/Barracks: No Cooking inside or outside of the barracks. No Smoking in the barracks or any other buildings! Do not place anything on the fire escapes for any reason.  Items will be removed without warning. Refrain from bringing modern items such as TV's, VCR's, DVD Players, Game Consoles and such items to the event.  If you must bring such a device, (such as computers and projectors to show historic training films), please ensure it is “out of sight” when not in use.  Please respect authenticity and bring items that were in existence during the World War II Period.

Radio Station: We will have the live Radio Station American Forces Network France will be on air for this event, the channel is tentatively 88.3 FM.  Period music, programs and special event announcements will be made on the air.  This is a low-power FM station, so please bring those converted tube radios with a modern receiver, and enjoy the music.  If anyone is interested in doing a show, please contact Donna at

Military Police: Authorized Military Police (Historians) & Garrison Police (Historians) have the authority of WWIIHA to, Issue Warnings, Log Transgressors, Report Transgressors to Regiment and WWIIHA in the form of a daily report.  (Regiment will support this with the inclusion of the MP sections report in its AAR to WWIIHA.)

Vehicles: All Vehicles, Vintage or Modern must meet Pennsylvania state laws, and the laws of their state of ownership with respect to licensing, insurance and registration. All Drivers must have a valid Driver's License. You are not permitted to drive any unlicensed and/or uninsured vehicle on any area / roads at Fort Indiantown Gap.

All World War II Vehicles that are brought to the event must be pre-registered.   Please complete the Vehicle Registration Form (1 for each vehicle). You must attend the Vehicle Safety Training Class in order to go into the field with your vehicle. (See Schedule for times). No track vehicles of any kind are permitted on the roads of Fort Indiantown Gap, other than the tank trail.  This includes vehicles with rubber tracks. WWII Vehicles will be permitted to travel to the training areas on a per-approved route at pre-determined arrival and departure times.  Vehicles will not have personnel riding or hanging on the outside of them. There will be no Civilian Vehicles going out to the training areas.

Non World War II Vehicles are not permitted to drive or park alongside the barracks in Area 13, in the WWII Veteran's Parking, or any other area other than designated POV Parking and Overflow Parking as designated on the map. There are three graveled parking lots in Area 13 for cars and small trucks. NO trailers are permitted in these lots. All trailers must be parked in Area 14.  Most of the parking area in Area 14 has been graveled. There is considerable paved and graveled parking available in Area 14, to the west side of that lot, which almost never gets used. 

Do not block any of the new buildings in Area 14, or park inside the fenced-in areas.

Historic Battle Recreation Information: There will be a mandatory roll call for both Allies and Axis, please check with your unit leader for information. The Team/Battalion list will be posted in each barracks and at the registration building. You MUST fall out with your assigned Team/Battalion.  Unit leaders are responsible for informing the Team/Battalion leaders and Allied/Axis Command Posts of their strength each day.

No one will be permitted to deploy to the field until all roll calls are completed. No one will be permitted to return from the field until a second roll call is completed.

Troop Formations: All formations will take place in Area 13.
Weapons Information:
There will be an ASP - Ammo Supply Point again for 2018.
World War II Historical Association Safety Regulations will be enforced.

There will be a thorough inspection of all blank ammunition. We will inspect for correct machine-gun paperwork.


Blank Ammunition Sales:  No Blank Ammunition Sales will be allowed within Fort Indiantown Gap reservation proper.  Vendors must contact WWIIHA directly if they desire to sell blanks to receive special instructions and agreement for off-site sales.

No Class 3 Rentals are permitted. You must have a copy of your “Registration of a National Firearms Act Weapon” Form that shows the tax stamp (original not required, photocopy is acceptable.) You must also have a copy of an approved “Application to Transfer Interstate NFA Weapons” Form. You must have the form(s) with you at the safety inspection, and on your person at ALL times, or you will be turned in to the authorities. For the purposes of filling out the ATF form 5320.20 “Application to Transport Interstate NFA Weapons,” this event is located at:

                Fort Indiantown Gap, National Guard Training Site

                Route 443

                Lebanon County

                Annville, Pennsylvania 17003-5011

No pyrotechnics will be permitted, of any kind.  The reason is because of all the garbage/residue that is left behind in the training area.  Pyrotechnics are classified by the U.S. Army are IEDs.

Flea Market: All Flea Marketing will be in Area 13.  No outside vending is permitted.  See Vendor agreement for complete details.  The agreement must accompany the registration packet. 

Requests will be honored on a first-come, first-served basis as best possible.  Please check the web site at and click on the Flea Market Icon to see if you are registered.  If your request cannot be honored, you will be assigned the next available space, and the difference (if smaller space assigned) will be refunded at the event.

Tables are approximately 8-10 feet in all buildings.  Maximum number of spaces that can be requested is two (2).  Since requests are on a first-come first-serve basis, please mail in early. You must provide your own security.

Buildings will be open for setup from 1300 (1PM) until 2100 (9PM) on Wednesday. Flea Market will end at 2100 (9PM) Saturday night.  Reminder, THERE IS NO SMOKING IN ANY BUILDING, this includes the flea market!  You may bring ONLY World War II era items to sell and trade at this event.

WWIIHA, Inc., reserve the right to question the appropriateness of any item displayed for sale. WWII period edged weapons (knives, bayonets, swords), and WWII period firearms parts (screws, stocks, handguards, bands, swivels, bolts, barrels, strikers, slings, etc) are permitted for sale.  NO SALES of ATF recorded parts such as receivers and frames is permitted.


NO COMPLETE FIREARMS, FRAMES or RECEIVERS ARE PERMITTED FOR SALE. This includes complete dummy, airsoft and/or fake guns, or anything that may resemble these items.  All sales must comply with applicable governing State or Federal Laws and Regulations.


NO POLITICAL ITEMS ARE PERMITTED FOR SALE.  WWIIHA, Inc., reserve the right to question the appropriateness of any item displayed for sale.
If you  are a WW-II Veteran, you welcome to attend at no cost, please contact WWIIHA, Inc for more information:


World War II Historical Association, Inc.

P.O. Box 3068

Frederick, MD  21705-3068

Click on the links below after October 1st to register