Media & News Information

All news and media outlets who wish to attend WWIIHA events must first contact our Media Relations Officer and complete the the form below.

All event press, media, and photographers agree to adhere to host location rules & regulations, including but not limited to:
1. Press/Media/Photographer personnel must be accompanied by approved event staff or designated escorts while on site.
2. If embedded with a reenactment unit, said unit staff and personnel must provide written consent, signed by the senior unit representative.
3. Safety regulations must be adhered to at ALL TIMES, with special attention to working around weapons and vehicles.
4. A limited and specified consent must be provided for WWIIHA use of media, photographs and video in association and/or event promotion. Any and all such use will be credited to the author.
5. Press/Media/Photographers must adhere to all parking and area access rules while on site.
6. Press/Media/Photographer Passes must be displayed at all times.
7. All Press/Media/Photography must NOT disrupt or interfere with the event.
8. All Press/Media/Photographers must submit and sign Hold Harmless Agreement.